A thoroughly cheesy afternoon….

We invited the talented Mr. Lindskop to sample some of the cheeses from our new cheese board and here’s what he had to say……..

Johanna brought my cheese and paired wine (today’s project) and began talking about them in an accent dripping pure Europe. I feel like Johanna probably grew up somewhere with a vineyard in-view, with the smell of fresh bread hanging in the air and with meals that lasted all evening. I knew without asking that Johanna has never, ever, pierced a film lid in several places.

There are 12 to 15 cheeses on the cheese board at The Royal Oak, all of them from the British Isles, and three had been selected for me: Tunworth, Golden Cenarth and Barkham Blue.


Tunworth, I was told, is a Camembert style cheese from Hampshire. I tried it and suddenly felt really stupid. It was delicious, but there were no words in my head and that hardly makes for a great read, does it? ‘I like this cheese, it’s nice and – you know – cheesy.’ is hardly going to win quote of the year. Unfortunately, I’d eaten it all before coming up with a single adjective because it was – you know – nice. Sigh.

Golden Cenarth

I pressed on and got more inspired. The Golden Cenarth (cider-washed Epoisses style cheese) paired with the (genuinely awesome) home-made biscuits tasted like a really swank version of the cheese-on-toast of childhood and that helped me to find some words. And seriously – the biscuits – you have to try them.

Barkham Blue

By the time I got to the Barkham Blue I was pretty much in my cheesy stride and anyway I have yet to meet a blue cheese that I don’t want to marry, so it was easy to be enthusiastic.


I did eat quite a lot of cheese, and all the biscuits.

Now that I had over 37 minutes of experience as a food writer, I asked for some more of the Tunworth, and I did indeed come up with some copy, happily. If The Royal Oak decide to use anything I’ve written, I will proudly share.

Out of interest, I asked Johanna whether it was always OK to eat the rind on cheese, because I generally do.

‘Yes’ she replied, ‘But not if it’s made of wax or tastes bad.’

I can’t argue with that.

About The Royal Oak Paley Street

Welcome to The Royal Oak. Behind the smart black and white frontage lies a warm and stylish 17th century pub. Once inside the beamed ceilings, wooden floors and friendly welcome soon confirm you’re in the right place. The Royal Oak is a restaurant styled pub serving great British food cooked to perfection. Our extensive wine list boasts some impressive titles and offers something to suit all palates and purses – and rest assured; we haven’t forgotten how to pull a good pint!
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