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I qualified to teach Pilates in 2003 after completing pre-requisite health and fitness training. I practiced and taught Pilates primarily a one to one basis from home or travelled to my clients homes if they preferred. In 2009 I broke my back. I fell off my horse whilst competing in a show jumping competition. The surgeons told me they would have liked to operate, but as I was doing so well they recommended a back brace and observed my progress over the following months. My progress was good and 18 months later I was signed off. I have often wondered how things might have turned out if I hadn't had a strong core muscles and skeletal stability through practicing Pilates. Would I have had an operation and would it have been successful. I am a living example of the benefits of Pilates and a true advocate of the repertoire. My goal is to evangelise the benefits of Pilates and teach others how to practice the repertoire and reap the rewards.

Meet Head Chef ‘Matt Samson’

Matt found his love of cooking at a young age. He grew up in Kent and spent much of his time cooking with his Mum using fruit and vegetables that his Dad had grown in the garden. At 16 Matt … Continue reading

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